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Thanks to a great demand, the German mask producer is expanding its product range to include FFP2 masks and nitrile protective gloves.

As one of the first producers of urgently needed mouth and nose masks due to coronavirus pandemic, from Bentwisch near Rostock sets standards. The current product range is now being expanded to FFP2 protective masks and nitrile gloves which are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) in the medical field.

"The Covid-19 pandemic was a necessary wake-up call to concentrate more on the domestic production of protective equipment. The ADCADA Group quickly recognized this need by founding a mask production company in Germany and offered support. Additionally, ADCADA Group will strengthen the position of Germany as a production location in the long term", according to CEO Benjamin Kühn who illustrates the connection between the health of the population and the economy.

The response was enormous and international inquiries worth millions were received from the get-go. After an initial run-in period in production and delays in the certification process, which was carried out within a very short time, part of the international demand for surgical mouth and nose masks can now be reliably met.

In a further step, continues to follow the initial plan and extends the product range to include particle-filtering half masks ("FFP2 masks") from German production, which are certified according to European and US standards. "The advantage of FFP2 masks compared to mouth-nose masks is that the former, because of its tight fit, filter out a lot more particles from breathing air and can therefore protect not only the environment, but also the wearer himself from the coronavirus", CEO Kühn continues.

Due to their purpose of protecting the wearer from particles, droplets and aerosols, FFP2 masks are mainly used in the health sector as part of personal protective equipment (PPE). A mouth and nose mask, on the other hand, serves as a mechanical barrier and is intended to protect other people from a droplet infection caused by the wearer's speaking, sneezing and coughing.

FFP2 masks are subject to strict legal regulations and must meet special test criteria. While the hardly available protective masks of the European FFP standard and the US counterpart N95 mostly meet the requirements, there are regular warnings and recalls by authorities due to poor product quality and falsified certificates with products of the Chinese standard KN95.

"With the expansion of the product range, is helping to reliably cover the need for high-quality FFP2 masks of professional facilities. The focus is clearly on people who fight against the spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus on a daily basis. With the addition of nitrile gloves announced for the near future, we are once again expanding our range of high-quality personal protective equipment in the medical field. At the same time, the production of our surgical mouth and nose masks will be expanded further in order to be able to reliably meet the increasing demand for certified medical products", concludes Managing Director Benjamin Kühn.