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Our support in challenging times

In the foreseeable future, will produce 24 million 3-ply face masks per month. Every month we will donate 12 percent of the production to public institutions and non-profit organizations. The winners will be determined through an electronic lottery. This is our contribution in times of a global pandemic.





It is so easy to participate in the raffle:

You can participate in our raffle using the form on this page. You can also suggest a company / institution to receive our donation. This means that you will take part in an electronic raffle draw at the end of each month. The winners will be drawn until the maximum number of 12 percent of the monthly production of 3-ply face masks is reached. The number of pieces per institution is limited to 50,000.


You have more than one chance to benefit from this raffle:

As soon as the draw for the current month is over, unsuccessful applicants will be able to register again for the following month.

This means that your registration is only valid for the donation campaign of the current month. Companies / institutions that have already won, can participate again.

All winners will be notified in writing. Your registration for the monthly donation campaign is free of charge.

Good luck!

Are you, or do you know a public or non-profit institution, that we can help with our donation?

If so, please fill in our form and let us know, by whom and why the donation of is so desperately needed.

Please note our conditions of participation. Companies have to comply with the requirements of non-profit law in order to participate.


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